Best Technology News Site (Update 2013)

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there are various web page for expertise information. which you can no longer image what number of website online they are at all times publishing know-how news. You shouldn’t have numerous time to commit to finding out the entire know-how site however you delight in maintaining up with the newest technical information. right here is absolute best technology information website list for you.

Best Technology News Site


TechCrunch is an enormous technological news website online devoted to frantically profiling and inspecting new web products and firms. based in 2005, TechCrunch and its gadget of sites achieve 9.2 million unique visitor and have greater than thirty million page views monthly.

month-to-month customer 13,000,000
month-to-month web page view 21,000,000
Google page Rank- 8
Alexa Rank- 510


based in 2005, Mashable is the top resource for tech news in public and digital press, technological innovation and net way of life. Mashable is very pleased to supply our company clients new potentialities for merchandising on below you will be able to decide on advertisements to reach the larger Mashable viewers.

monthly visitor 23,000,000
monthly web page view one hundred,000,000
Google web page Rank- eight
Alexa Rank- 311


VentureBeat comprises troublesome expertise and describes why it considerations in our life. We’re the top ebook for news and perspective on the most impressive technology and kinds.

monthly customer 4,300,000
month-to-month page view 10,000,00
Google web page Rank-7
Alexa Rank- 2714


GigaOM is the top separate speech on rising know-how and a region to get in touch vital technology and business viewers round its protection of reasoning, cellular, cleantech, consumer web and media.

monthly customer 5,500,000
monthly web page view 6,900,000
Google page Rank-8
Alexa Rank- 3489

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